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CLIENT: Independent School District
Goodnight Moon
BOOK: Goodnight Moon
USE: This independent school district gives a customized book to prospective parents when they visit the pre-school. Books promote literacy - the central tenant of any school.
CLIENT: Home Renovation Retailer
World Atlas of Wine
BOOK: World Atlas of Wine
USE: This retailer hosted a wine event to attract high-end interior designers to visit and learn about their store. Giving this beautiful, high-value book as a gift to the attendees guaranteed that this store would be top of mind - and coffee table!
CLIENT: Private Equity Firm
Seeing Central Park
BOOK: Seeing Central Park
USE: This firm is based in Manhattan and was looking for a gift to give to prospective clients to promote their connection to New York City. We have beautiful coffee table books for most every city, state and country that make memorable client gifts.
CLIENT: Business Banking
Great by Choice by Jim Collins (follow-up to Good to Great)
BOOK: Great by Choice by Jim Collins (follow-up to Good to Great)
USE: Banks (like others that service businesses) want to establish themselves as “consultants” to business owners. Giving a business book like Great by Choice demonstrated this bank's commitment to helping business owners to succeed and establishes trust between the business owner and his commercial banker.
CLIENT: Financial Advisors
The Little Black Book of Brain Games
BOOK: The Little Black Book of Brain Games
USE: This firm was looking for a unique product to promote their Personality in Practice training program for financial advisors. Packed with puzzles and problems that entertain your brain while fostering mental acuity, this portable book challenges your skills with words, math, and logic
CLIENT: Hospice
CARE – Everyday Quotation Journal
BOOK: CARE – Everyday Quotation Journal
USE: This inspiring quotation journal was given to families when they register a loved one to be cared for at this facility.
CLIENT: Investment Firm
The Go Giver
BOOK: The Go Giver
USE: Given as a gift to existing and prospective clients, the message of the book reflects their key value of giving back to the community. The Promo-Page was used to tie-in the firm’s message to the book as well as to allow for a personal statement from the managing partner.

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