The Book Company

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover!
We strongly encourage sampling. The very nature of books requires that they be held, opened and reviewed. Unlike most promotional products, books communicate in words and images that must be seen and read before a large quantity purchase can be fairly decided upon.

Sample Shipping
Different from other suppliers, The Book Company offers more than 3 million items from hundreds of publishers' warehouses, so it's impossible for our Florida location to stock all book samples. If you ordered more than one book title, you may receive more than one separately shipped package.

Sample Tracking Information
Please be patient, it may take a day or more before we receive your sample order's tracking information from the shipping warehouse, and some warehouses do not provide this information at all. Be confident that your samples are on their way as you requested and that we will get you tracking as soon as it is available to us.

Sample Ordering

  • Samples include random customization (when possible) at end column pricing (R) plus freight.
  • Blank Samples are available at first column pricing (R) plus freight.
  • Sample Shipping: Samples ship from various warehouses within 72 hours. All samples ship ground unless otherwise requested. Freight costs will be added to your invoice. We cannot bill 3rd party accounts for sample freight costs.
  • Spec Samples are available at end quantity pricing (R), and no run charges. Full setups apply.
  • Virtual Samples are encouraged and are available via email FREE of charge. A logo must be provided for all virtual samples.


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